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Why male teachers at Saltus are tickled pink

Good cause: from left, Adam Rossides, Phillip Heap, Mike Viotti, Jesse Sheppard, Bruce Sinclair, James Anthony, Nic Scanlon, Patrick Mahon, Ryan Murray, Alan Boardman (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Male teachers at Saltus Grammar School are hoping to start a new fashion trend to help raise awareness of breast cancer.

A growing number of teachers has caught on to the tradition, which started about a year ago, of wearing pink shorts on a Friday and they now want to spread the trend throughout the island.

They will be encouraging the public to wear their pink shorts every Friday throughout the month of October — Breast Cancer Awareness Month — and on the BF&M Breast Cancer Awareness walk on October 20.

Maths teacher Ryan Murray told The Royal Gazette: “It started about a year ago when one of our teachers, Louise Berryman, noticed a few of us were wearing bright pink shorts on random days. We decided to join forces and have pink shorts Fridays.

“The vision we are having is not just to spread it throughout the school, but island-wide for October, specifically because it is breast cancer awareness. So if we can get some of the businesses behind it as well, that would be great.

“I thought Friday would be a good day because on Fridays people will then carry on their workwear into town and hopefully when they are socialising, it will catch on.”

School counsellor at Saltus Nick Scanlon added: “We also want to remind everyone that it is not just about participating, but also about giving.

“Bermuda Cancer and Health is where all the money is going towards.”

And it’s not just the teachers at Saltus who are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month — students at the school made a video to try to attract more young people to the cause of cancer awareness. The Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre is using the video as part of its promotional material.

To register to take part in the BF&M Breast Cancer Awareness walk on October 20, visit www.racedayworld.com