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Students share messages ... and tunes

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Inspiring others: Harrington Sound Primary students hold up posters that promote the overriding message to the public: Stop, Think and Choose. Below, from left, the Male Luncheon allowed students to invite men close to them to lunch, and students find their rhythm thanks to the kind donation of instruments (Photographs supplied)

Harrington Sound Primary students are learning to think before they act — and are passing those lessons on to the public.

Under the guidance of counsellor Suzette Bean, students at the school have been lining the streets outside the school and by Flatts Bridge, holding homemade posters urging people to make the right decision.

The posters shared messages including “Stop the Violence”, “Buckle Up”, “No Texting while Driving” and “Smoking Kills”.

Cindy Weeks, the school principal, said: “Passers-by were appreciative as they tooted horns and waved at the youngsters. The overriding message was ‘When it’s time to make a decision — Stop, Think and Choose’.”

She said the initiative was one of several going on at the school.

Another is a renewed focus on music, thanks to a donation of instruments by the Talbot Brothers Foundation.

“They generously provided guitars and drums to a few schools of which Harrington Sound Primary School was one,” Mrs Weeks said. “We were also the benefactors of two phenomenal teachers.

“As recipients of such generosity, we at the Harrington Sound Primary School were delighted to be able to offer 17 of our P5 students the opportunity to learn these instruments. Every Thursday afternoon, the halls are alive with the sound of music.

“The children are eager and count the minutes until it’s time for guitars and drums.”

The school also hosted their annual Male Luncheon, with students inviting men close to them to the school to have lunch.

“The ‘Special Males’ are greeted by a beautifully decorated hall, where they can sit and enjoy time with their little one,” Mrs Weeks continued. “On the day, there was an abundance of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, godfathers and even mothers present for this special bonding time.”

Think before you act: students share life lessons in Flatts