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MSA celebrating Catholic Schools Week

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Mount St Agnes students are preparing for Catholic Schools Week (Photograph supplied)

Mount Saint Agnes Academy will be joining in on the international celebration of Catholic Schools Week beginning on Sunday.

Past and present students, parents and staff are encouraged to take part in a host of events to “reconnect” and raise awareness of the value of a Catholic education.

Starting with a special mass service at St Theresa’s Cathedral on Sunday at 11.30am, the celebration will continue later in the week with a luncheon, open house and the launch of a new alumni engagement platform.

Laura Lyons, MSA’s Director of Development, stated: “Mount Saint Agnes Academy has been a supporter of Catholic Schools Week for the past five years.

“Our school’s mission focuses on faith and family and this event has provided a fantastic opportunity for us to reconnect with our school family and friends who may have lost touch over the years.

“We believe in the importance of connecting current students with past ones so they can see the breadth and extent of our alumni network. We are definitely very proud of all of our past and present students and the great academic, professional and personal strides they have made, so this is a chance for them to unite and bond through mass and other activities.”

Recognised by schools throughout the United States and Canada, Catholic Schools Week was founded in 1974.

Its aim is to shed light on the value a Catholic education as it relates to young people and their contributions to the church, community and world at large. This year’s theme is “Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service”.

MSA principal Sue Moench said: “We are proud of our students, but we also love who they are as individuals. Catholic Schools Week is an opportunity for us to highlight not only our academic achievements, but also the importance of our school’s community spirit and the good citizenship represented by our students.”

In addition to the Sunday mass, MSA faculty and staff, diocesan staff, parish priests, and representative Sisters of the founding order, the Sisters of Charity, will join for a luncheon and tour of the school during the event.

On Thursday, prospective students and parents are invited to attend an open house at 1pm and 5.30pm. This is an opportunity for individuals to see inside the school, learn about the curriculum and find out what’s to come in the 2017/18 academic year.

Jackie Tailford, one of the school’s religion study teachers, said she was looking forward to the open house and sharing about the importance of a Catholic education. She hopes people will sense the familial spirit at the school, their respect and kindness for all people and dedication to their faith.

“The community should take part in our open house to experience a school with a happy, friendly, hard-working atmosphere,” Mrs Tailford said.

“Through a Catholic education, students learn how to love all God’s people and are given an appreciation of how to make the world a better place through prayer and service.”

It will end with the official launch of a new alumni engagement platform on Friday, February 3.

Past students will join with committee and board members to see how the MSA Connected Platform works and how it can help them engage and connect with their peers and former teachers.

For more information on the events, visit www.msa.bm.

Mount St Agnes students are preparing for Catholic Schools Week (Photograph supplied)
Mount St Agnes students are preparing for Catholic Schools Week (Photograph supplied)