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College professor speaks at major conference

Ali Arouzi (Photograph supplied)

A Bermuda College professor has made a presentation to the 20th International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics in Chicago.

Ali Arouzi spoke about hyperbolic geometry and the Poincare Disk model which helps students with their mathematical training.

According to a press release from the College, the maths professor’s presentation advocated how students can be encouraged to experiment for themselves through the use of technology, resources and activities.

Dr Arouzi uses the Poincare Disk model during his classes in a range of activities from materials covered in his algebra classes to more advanced topics that require differential and integral calculus.

“I find it most appropriate for those students with various mathematical training,” he stated.

Mathematicians typically use hyperbolic geometry to study the curvature of the universe, and on the network flow on the internet.

Dr Arouzi’s audience consisted primarily of mathematicians with expertise in differential geometry and technology integration in the classroom.

Keynote addresses were delivered by Maria Anderson from Westminster College and Eric Mazur from Harvard University.