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Schools receive Greenrock awards

Greenrock's School Awards Ceremony recognises the successes and participations of schools in its education programmes Eco-Schools and Water Explorers (Photograph supplied)

Two more schools have been awarded green flag status through Greenrock’s Eco-Schools programme, bringing the island’s total to six.

The award — an international symbol of school sustainability — was granted to Lyceum Pre-School and Victor Scott Primary at the Greenrock School Awards ceremony earlier this month.

Dalton E Tucker Primary received a green seed award for successfully completing the first pathway in the programme, while also taking home second place in the Water Explorer programme, which saw Whitney Institute Middle School recognised as the overall 2016-2017 winner.

“We are proud of all the schools which have participated in our programmes,” Greenrock executive director Jonathan Starling stated, “and we look forward to working with these schools and more in the next academic year.”

The awards ceremony, hosted by lead donor HSBC, was held on June 8, in recognition of World Oceans Day and the addition of a new Eco-Schools Pathway “Marine & Coast” programme for the 2017-2018 school year, and featured marine biologist and educator J.P. Skinner as the guest speaker.

And Davida Morris, Greenrock’s school programme manager, provided an overview of the programmes and their importance.

“Sustainability is about being mindful in thought and action about how we use the resources the Earth provides in a manner that ensures they are available for generations to come,” she said.

“It is you, the students of today, who will solve the greatest challenges facing nature. We are teaching you about sustainability now, so that when you go out into the world you can positively impact it.

“We are looking to you, who are students now, to ensure that the earth continues to provide for us all.”

As part of the Eco-Schools programme, which includes 21 schools and is now in its fourth year, schools are awarded a “Green Seed” award for successfully completing their first pathway or theme.

A “Green Flag” status is granted once they are awarded a second green seed. Lyceum Pre-School and Victor Scott Primary joined Stepping Stones Pre-School, West Pembroke Primary, Somersfield Academy and Bermuda College as Green Flag schools in Bermuda.

And in being awarded a green seed, Dalton E Tucker Primary joined Elliott Primary, Prospect Primary, Warwick Academy and Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation.

The awards ceremony also recognised the schools’ participation in Greenrock’s Water Explorer programme, funded by HSBC’s global Water Programme.

This programme focuses on learning about fresh water sustainability in Bermuda and around the world, and featured students participating in various activities and challenges to improve the water and biodiversity of their virtual reservoir.

Clesia Pachai, HSBC’s community investment manager stated: “HSBC has been a supporter of the Eco Schools and Water Explorer Programme since inception.

“We are very proud of the evolution and growth of both programmes, especially the engagement levels shown among the schools and Bermuda’s young people.

“Educating today’s youth on the fundamentals of sustainability and how to live sustainably is an important step towards protecting the earth’s most precious resources for future generations.”