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Parents renew complaints about Elliot school

Declining standards: parents hit out at Elliot Primary School in Devonshire (File photograph)

Angry parents have gone public with criticism over management of an island primary school for the second time.

A statement issued yesterday by an anonymous group of parents from Elliot Primary School said there had been a decline in “school spirit, academic achievement and community involvement”.

The group said the Devonshire school had taken a “devastating plunge”, with high turnover of pupils and staff, an inconsistent and ineffective anti-bullying regime, and low morale among staff.

The group also complained that parents had not been given the results of mock examinations and that both the science fair and honour roll had been dormant for the past three years.

The statement added: “We have raised our concerns in the past to the ministry, yet there has been no action.”

The school’s Parent Teacher Association had also been contacted, the group said — also reporting “low attendance by faculty” at PTA meetings.

The statement called the school “historic” and noted that it had once stood as “one of the high sought-after elementary schools”.

The outburst came nine months after a group of five parents complained about discipline and academic standards at the school.

They claimed their complaints had not been dealt with by the education ministry.

The Ministry of Education said it had been made aware of the press release and would be meeting with members of the PTA at Elliot Primary to address the issues raised.