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Somersfield pupils at UN conference

Photograph supplied

A group of fifteen M4 Somersfield Academy students have proudly demonstrated their International Mindedness in attending a three day-conference for the Model United Nations.

The group travelled to New York between May 9th and May 13th to take part in the Global Classroom International Model UN Conference held annually in New York.

The purpose of the Model United Nations programme is to advance understanding of the UN culture of global awareness to students and to bridge the education gap by allowing students to step into the shoes of ambassadors in order to negotiate current world issues, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN’s rules of procedure with fellow delegates.

The Somersfield Academy students represented the country of Denmark and engaged in simulations demonstrating how the UN resolves problems with hundreds of countries each offering their own ideas and opinions. Among some of the issues debated and discussed were the abolition of the death penalty, the legality of drones as weapons of war, the problems of greenhouse gas and emissions, and the 2020 challenge.

All students took an active part in debates, and moderated and unmoderated caucuses, and they also participating in writing resolutions, which will be submitted to the actual United Nations committees.

When interviewed by the organisers of the conference, one of the MUN coordinators for Somersfield Academy, Ms A-L Bazin said, “Our students are among the youngest in this conference but they have shown great preparedness and maturity during the whole conference by advancing ideas and actively taking part in writing resolution papers.”

Mr Hammer, the Individual and Societies specialist teacher participating in the trip strongly believes that ‘“the Model UN experience is an awesome way for students to develop their research, collaborative and communication skills in an exciting environment which prepares them to be real-world problem solvers.”

Mr Brice Pursell, IB MYP Coordinator at Somersfield Academy, added that ‘“The Model United Nations programme is just one more shining example of how an IB-MYP education offered at Somersfield Academy allows students to demonstrate the all-around skill-set required of the 21st century learner. Through the explicit use of IB-MYP Approaches to Learning, young individuals are able to showcase their skills of self-management, collaboration, research, and communication to voice their opinions on current world issues. True to the Somersfield promise, this programme furthers the development of ‘socially conscious independent thinkers’ and readies them for future success in all endeavours.”

One of our students, Marco Stirling shared: “in regards to my thoughts after attending MUN, I found the experience at the Model United Nations to be tremendously inspiring. To have so many peers from around the world work alongside you to develop solutions to issues of global importance was truly eye-opening.”

Kate Tobin, a student at Somersfield, recalled the following account of her experience: “I recently had the opportunity to attend the Model United Nations conference in New York City with a number of my classmates. This was a tremendous experience for all of us as we got to simulate the process of drafting and presenting a resolution for passage by our respective committees. We learnt the mechanics of how the UN works and what is required for its continued functioning. As we were among the youngest students there it was an excellent chance for us to gain experience and understanding of the complexities of the UN.

Being on the floor of the General Assembly Hall at the UN headquarters was the highlight of the trip for many of us as so many critical events in History have occurred in that very room. It was tremendous getting an opportunity to represent our school and our adopted nation as we forwarded our resolutions. Overall, it was an incredible experience that will serve us very well in the future, and one which we will all remember fondly. We also had the chance to form relationships with other students from around North America and the globe, and the lessons we learnt in our brief time as ‘delegates’ were unforgettable.”

For more information on the Model UN at Somersfield Academy please visit www.somersfield.bm or call 4412369797.

Press release from Somersfield Academy