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College to host transfer pathways fair

Bermuda College students will get the unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with more than 20 of the College’s overseas academic partners at the “Bermuda College Transfer Pathways Fair” Tuesday, November 27, and Wednesday, November 28. The first of its kind to be held specifically for Bermuda College students and alumni, the Fair will allow direct interaction with representatives from more than 20 institutions with whom the College has secured and signed partnerships.

Dr. Phyllis Curtis-Tweed, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at the College, called it a great opportunity for current and future BC students.

“They will learn the benefits of starting their tertiary education at BC and then entering one of our partner institutions. Some benefits include the certainty of acceptance for eligible students, scholarship possibilities, and reduced cost of the bachelor’s degree.

“Our partners have stated a preference for students to enter their institutions after completing the Associates at Bermuda College because students with the degree have navigated many of the transitional issues faced by first time college students and they have successfully completed college courses. The articulation agreements that we have developed attest to the high quality of and international regard for a Bermuda College degree,” she stated.

Event coordinator, Dr. Constance Ridley-Smith, agreed. “We’re connecting the dots for students from their BC associates degree to the baccalaureate degree in Canada, the UK, the USA, and in the West Indies. In some cases we are writing new agreements with new partners; in other cases, we are updating and refining existing agreements negotiated in previous years. We are also diversifying the options – particularly adding more options in the sciences, such as ocean science, pre-med, pre-veterinarian care and allied health. This is where the jobs are.”

The Fair will be held Tuesday, November 27 from 11a.m. – 2 p.m. and 6:15 – 8:30 p.m., and on Wednesday, November 28, at 12 noon. Both events will take place in the Student Centre.

Press release from the Bermuda College