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Berkeley honours and mourns student

Berkeley Institute pupils have been given counselling after the death of 15-year-old schoolmate Kiara Paiva, it was revealed yesterday.

The Berkeley Board of Governors added the school’s flag was flown at half-mast in the wake of the sudden death of Kiara, who was found unconscious at her home in Hamilton Parish on Monday.

The news came in a statement from the school’s board to outline its response to Kiara’s death.

The governors said Kiara’s death had had “a profound effect on the Berkeley community” and required school counsellors and additional counselling services from the Department of Education and elsewhere.

The statement added that support for pupils and staff was of the “utmost importance”.

The governors added that pupils and staff had formed a prayer circle in front of the school to remember Kiara.

Along with a moment of silence and the lowering of the flag, students were given time to discuss their feelings and concerns, and offered private support rooms and counselling staff.

Support was also offered to parents.

The board offered its “sincere condolences to the immediate and extended family of our students and asks that the community respect this, their time of mourning”.

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