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Union to discuss grading with education leaders

Kalmar Richards

The Department of Education has asked the Bermuda Union of Teachers to a meeting to tackle fears over a new grading and reports system for pupils.

Kalmar Richards, the Commissioner of Education, announced that the meeting would be held today with help from the Labour Relations Office.

Ms Richards said: “Our goal in meeting with union representatives is to bring resolution to their concerns, to ensure progress reports are sent home to parents this week and to encourage the BUT against taking any further irregular actions that will have an adverse impact on the teaching and learning of our students.

“The Department of Education considers keeping students and parents informed about ongoing student progress to be of paramount importance and uses the PowerSchool database and report cards distributed throughout the school year as the methods for doing so.”

Ms Richards added that the database showed some teachers were already using the system and that the education department was committed to supporting teachers and principals to ensure that parents got the new-style report cards by Friday.

The meeting was set up after weeks of conflict between the Government and teachers over the introduction of the new standards-based grading system.

Diallo Rabain, the Minister of Education, claimed teachers had “refused” to enter grades.

But the BUT said teachers had not been properly trained in the new system.

The Government announced a delay in the introduction of the report cards last December.