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Schools’ internet gets up to speed

Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy

Upgrades to internet in public schools could be completed before pupils return to their classrooms, the education ministry said.

However, a spokeswoman was unable to provide the costs for the upgrades. She said: “This information isn’t available right now.”

Diallo Rabain, the Minister of Education, announced this month that the Department of Education was “on schedule” to increase internet bandwidth in public schools.

The spokeswoman said that the anticipated completion date for the upgrade was “tentatively in September”.

The upgrade will boost all primary schools and middle schools from 10 Mbps copper to 100 Mbps fibre. Preschools will be upgraded from 4 Mbps DSL to 20 Mbps fibre.

The spokeswoman added that Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy would be upgraded to 100 Mbps, and Success Academy II and the Child Development Centre both bumped up to 20 Mbps.

She said that rules to govern the use of computers and wireless networks had been prepared.

The spokeswoman added: “Documents are complete and will be posted on the new website.”

Mr Rabain said that increased bandwidth “will enable our schools to have increased access to information technology and wi-fi services”.