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Cyclists encouraged to take part in bike contest in Dockyard

Young people will be showing off their pedal bike tricks as part of a new competition being launched in Dockyard on Saturday.

The Pop-A-Wheelie Competition is the brainchild of Kendrick Zuill and Shawn Simmons, aka Mr Fotogenick, who both felt that more needed to be done for children to have an outlet in Bermuda.

There will be three categories in the contest — Best Tricks, an Obstacle Race and a Pop-a-Wheelie Race — with age groups from 10 to 12 and 13 to 15.

Mr Zuill said: “We were talking about the fact that nobody is really doing stuff for children in Bermuda. We saw a video of a local girl popping a wheelie and we thought people will take to it and the children will get it.

“Collaborative minds came together and hopefully we can grow the event.

“Mr Fotogenik will be hosting. He is known for his humorous voiceovers and videos. He has a positive energy that people have just taken to and he has gained quite a celebrity status in Bermuda.”

Mr Zuill said he was surprised by the feedback he had received since the event was promoted.

He added: “People have been calling me — organisations who have young groups doing push pedal rides who are interested in the event.”

All participants are encouraged to wear helmets and safety gear.

The free event takes place at The Shed in Dockyard from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday.

For more information or to enter, call 703-5547 or e-mail popawheeliebermuda@gmail.com.