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Residents rally to clean up White Hill field

Creating a buzz: the Sandys community is coming together to restore “historic and beloved” White Hill Field to its former glory (File photograph)

The community will be rallying this weekend to help clean up a “historic and beloved” landmark of Sandys South.

Area residents are hoping to restore White Hill field to its former glory with the help of the Department of Parks and Court Services.

“We are encouraging especially the White Hill community to come out,” said Kevin Smith, who lives in the area. “We want everyone to get involved in our community field again.”

Mr Smith is part of a small committee — along with Timothy Telford, Roger Lee, Paul Ross and Alfred Carter — which has been preparing the field for football and cricket games for the past five years.

He is hoping that by cleaning up the area, they will be able to get more youth interested in sporting activities again.

Community member Kim Jackson added: “The club has always been a heart of the community.”

She said that growing up at the clubhouse shaped who she was today and added that weddings, funerals and various community initiatives were held there, too.

Ms Jackson said the community was hoping to return the area “to its former glory”.

She also thanked the small committee for doing “whatever they can to maintain activity at the field”.

The clean-up initiative is being given a helping hand by the Department of Parks and Court Services, who wanted to get their young people involved in the community.

According to Ms Jackson, key community stakeholders embraced the idea and invited the wider public to an open meeting.

“The community was very receptive for the support,” she said, adding that a “buzz is going around in the community right now”.

“The clean-up has brought people out and together around the White Hill field, which is awesome.”

Area MP Jamahl Simmons, who will be attending with his family, added: “White Hill field is one of the historic and beloved landmarks of Sandys South and anything that brings the community together irrespective of political or other divisions to uplift conditions at White Hill deserves the entire community’s support.”

The clean-up effort will be held from 10am to 2pm on Saturday. In the case of inclement weather, it will be postponed to February 13.