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Staff assist Trunk Island project

Trunk Island. (Photo by Simon Jones)

Marsh and Guy Carpenter employees have helped out with the Trunk Island project as part of their annual community day.

Staff volunteered alongside the Bermuda Zoological Society at the Harrington Sound island, which has seven acres of diverse marine and terrestrial habitats.

BZS, which owns a portion of the island, has undertaken conservation efforts and offers educational experiences including camps for children to learn about habitats and invasive species.

Throughout community day, 58 Marsh and Guy Carpenter employees carried out tasks including cutting and chipping pepper trees, removing rocks under the cedar tree forest for easier maintenance, spreading wood chips on paths, culling Chinese fan palms, pruning paths, painting the cottage, cleaning up the debris in the water surrounding the island and clearing oleanders, asparagus fern and invasive seedlings.

Joanne Chisnall, volunteer co-ordinator at BZS, said: “Thank you to Marsh and Guy Carpenter for donating their time to be a part of the Trunk Island project and helping the BZS to create a living classroom.

“Preserving this pristine land for future generations is so important and we can only do so with the help of hardworking volunteers.”

Jill Husbands, country corporate officer of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Bermuda, and chairman of the corporate social responsibility committee, said: “Once again, I must applaud our corporate social responsibility committee for successfully organising this day of community service on Trunk Island.

“It’s great fun to be outside helping BZS conserve this beautiful space.”

Marsh and Guy Carpenter received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the Bermuda Insurance Institute.

•For more information about the Trunk Island initiative, visit www.bzs.bm