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Grease balls found on Grape Bay

Grease balls have been found on Grape Bay (File photograph)

The Ministry of Health has confirmed a report of grease balls on Grape Bay Beach.

However, according to the ministry, routine seawater samples, as of Monday this week, have been clear.

A spokeswoman said: “The seawater quality is being retested and a beach sweep is being prepared.

“The Department of Health reminds the public to report concerns by calling Environmental Health on 278-5333.

“The Ministry will advise the public if seawater quality becomes an issue at any location. Currently, there is no seawater quality concern at Grape Bay or any other location.”

In 2014, Government put in place a number of measures to reduce the amount of harmful fats, oils and grease in the island’s sewage waste stream.

The City of Hamilton established a FOG Control Policy which defines the requirements of all food service establishments to remove FOG from their wastewater prior to disposing it in the City sewer system.

To see published results of seawater samples visit www.gov.bm/seawater-monitoring-programme-bathing-beaches).