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Expert: large amount of seaweed ‘not unusual’

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Natural process: seaweed almost completely covered the water at Police Beach, Smith’s, over the weekend (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

A wave of sargassum seaweed made a colourful sight along the North Shore last week.

The floating yellow-brown marine algae is carried north to Bermuda waters by winds and currents and tends to be seen most in the autumn and winter.

Large amounts of the seaweed began to hit the shoreline in April. Robbie Smith, the curator of the Natural History Museum at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, said at the time it was that it was “not unusual to see large quantities stranding on our beaches at any time of the year”.

The weed is around the Sargasso Sea that surrounds Bermuda and also includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Police Beach seaweed (Photograph by Akil Simmons)