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Raft Up organisers’ trash effort

Organisers of the Bermuda Carnival Raft Up at Shelly Bay said they made an extra effort to minimise the amount of trash that ended up in the ocean.

Jason Sukdeo, founder of the Bermuda Carnival, said revellers were repeatedly reminded not to put their waste in the sea and staff and volunteers helped clean up.

Trash cans were also attached to the event barge, but plans of a floating trash can did not materialise.

Mr Sukdeo explained: “We considered floating trash cans but we couldn’t find a safe way to do it and maintain them throughout the day.

“We would have to float it out there and make sure it didn’t topple over and create more mess. Then if it gets full someone has to somehow empty it.

“The announcements did make a difference. We partnered with Weldon Wade of Guardians of the Reef who went diving with some volunteers at the end of the raft up.

“We had carnival staff for the shallow waters but got divers involved for the deeper areas.

“We picked up a lot and cleaned up again the next morning.”

Mr Wade said he collected about three onion sacks full of trash, including disposable plastic cups that were stacked, glass bottles and shades.

Members of the public also cleaned away some trash the morning after the event.

Mr Wade said: “I would say to people, just generally try to keep the area clean. When you are out there on the water I know that it seems like a far distance to go and dump a bottle but we have to keep the beach clean.

“We did our best to clean up with the resources we had and the time available.

“Next year, if all goes well, we will have a trash team present the whole time and engage the wider community so the following day we can put in a good effort in addition to other measures.”