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Celebrating Bermuda: Douglas back on 'Today'

Camryn Swan (left) and Miss Bermuda 2016 Alyssa Rose (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Michael Douglas has made a second appearance today on NBC's Today show to extol the island, by the idyllic waterfront at the Hamilton Princess.

“I had my first birthday here in 1945,” Mr Douglas told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. “There weren't even cars back then ... I love this island; it's a stunning, gorgeous place. The proximity to the East Coast and New York is amazing.”

Mr Douglas went on to thank the hosts “as a Bermudian” for bringing the spotlight to the island.

“Love your beautiful island, Michael,” one guest quipped, asking him where was “the most romantic spot to kiss your sweetheart on the island”.

“That's a dangerous question,” Mr Douglas responded, adding: “But my family and I have a hotel property here, called Ariel Sands. And it's down on the beach ... it's pretty spectacular, looking out on the South Shore.”

Looking relaxed, the Oscar winner fielded a variety of questions from guests and cracked jokes, as part of the programme's run-up to the America's Cup.