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Cycling pair’s miserable end to a miserable week

Miserable week: Williams (Photograph by Akil Simmons/File)

Dominique Mayho and Zoenique Williams endured a Pan Am Games to forget after both failed to finish the cycling road race in Ontario Place on Saturday.

Williams, who was prevented from competing in Wednesday’s time-trial because her bike did not comply with regulations, suffered more bad luck on Saturday after another competitor’s derailleur got caught in one of her wheels.

The 30-year-old was still with the pack in the second lap but was forced to change her wheel, leaving her well behind the rest of the field in the 82.5-kilometre race.

“The race was tough but I was fine with the pack,” Williams said.

“As I was doing the second lap someone moved suddenly, which made the whole pack shift over the to left and someone’s derailleur [the gear system] got caught in my wheel.

“I had to stop and get a wheel change. By the time my car came from the back of the line to change my wheel the pack was gone.

“I tried to get back on by chasing but was unsuccessful.”

Mayho, who pulled out of the time-trial after he struggled to cope with enforced last-minute alterations to his bike, was also unable to finish his 165km road race.