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Artist takes on new challenge

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Carlos Santana Dill-Trott, 29, has a solo exhibit ‘Live, Love, Art’, at Intermezzo Cafe on Court Street tomorrow night (Photograph supplied)

Some people thought Carlos Santana Dill-Trott was crazy when he left his full-time job to work as an artist.

The 29-year-old is turning many of those naysayers into fans.

His solo exhibit, ‘Live, Love, Art’, is on quick display at the Intermezzo Cafe on Court Street. Check it out from 6pm until 9pm tomorrow night.

• What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

To take on a new challenge and play with colour and incorporate it with my style of art, which is black and white pen and ink. I’ve been preparing for this show since May. It involved a lot of late nights. The biggest challenge was thinking what could I do different from last year to grasp the viewing public’s attention.

• What do you hope people take away from the exhibit?

I’m very proud of what I’ve done and what I’m trying to accomplish. Ultimately, I want my work to be known over the world. Through this show I’m hoping to encourage the Bermudian public to continue to support visual artists and be inspired by the work that’s put in. I want people to come out tomorrow night and to have an enjoyable time. I will also be having a surprise guest speaker as well.

• Are you still happy you made the decision to become a full-time artist?

I’ve had corporate business interest in my art and I’ve also maintained overseas clients in particular, in the Philadelphia area, a family called the Morgans. They’ve created a special room in their home called “Carlos’s Corner” which displays my artwork. Being an artist on the Island is still a challenge, but I’m glad I stepped out and took a leap of faith because art is my passion and I’m focused. I love to meet and greet new people, especially at Harbour Nights. I’ve also been able to build a relationship and collaborate with other newer artists on the Island and also had the pleasure of meeting the director and curator of Masterworks, which is a very big deal to me! I’ve also enjoyed my second year of Art Explorers summer camp. This camp was created by myself and Bianca Clay for children who have a passion for art and who want to express themselves at any age through art.

•What have you learnt about yourself in this process?

I’ve learnt that I’m still discovering new styles and techniques associated with freehand art. I’ve also learnt that once people fully understand the hard work that’s involved, they’ll have a better appreciation of the art.

• What advice would you give to any other young artist?

My advice to any young person pursuing art as a career is: always remember to stay humble, because your dreams are the voice of your wisdom within. Believe in yourself and your heartfelt desires and follow the pathway to wonderful treasures.

Carlos Santana Dill-Trott and Bianca Clay recently hosted an art camp for children. Tomorrow night he will display his own work in a solo exhibit at Intermezzo Cafe (Photograph supplied)