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Popular blogger sings Bermuda’s praises

Julia Dzafic, the 30-year-old creator of popular blog LemonStripes.com, regularly posts about her adventures in fashion, healthy living, and travel, including two recent visits to Bermuda (Photograph courtesy of www.lemonstripes.com)

American Julia Dzafic went crazy over Bermuda on her popular blog lemonstripes.com.

She and her husband Anel were so bowled over by the Island on their first visit in June, that they returned to celebrate their third wedding anniversary this month.

The 30-year-old, who posts about her adventures in fashion, healthy living, and travel, spoke with Lifestyle about her love of the Island’s pink sand beaches and hospitality.

• You’ve been to Bermuda twice this summer. Why?

I’m such a Bermuda fan. My husband and I came first on a press trip in June and loved it so much that we planned our next trip this month to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I love the weather, the beautiful beaches, the cleanliness of the Island, and, most importantly, how nice everyone is!

• What did you get up to on your most recent visit? Any memorable moments that stand out for you?

We have had such a crazy summer with travel, work and a few big projects so we just wanted to end it with a whole lot of relaxing. We pretty much just ate and relaxed at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club which is one of my favourite places ever! My favourite Bermuda moments are spent in their water hammock.

• Your blog is very much about fashion. So what exactly goes into planning your outfits and packing for a trip like this?

It looks easy breezy but it takes weeks of planning. I plan out the outfits in advance, order the product, and then try it on to make sure it works. Then I pack the pieces as outfits so when I arrive I have each look in its own section. We shoot two to three outfits each day when we travel so we can take advantage of the beautiful backdrops.

• You’ve travelled all over Europe and the US, what are some of your other favourite places so far and why?

My heart lives in Italy. I went to high school in Rome and did a college semester abroad in Florence. We travelled to the Amalfi Coast for our honeymoon and most recently, Sicily for my 30th birthday. I could spend every summer in Italy and be a happy camper!

• How did your blog become such a success?

I started my blog six years ago as a place to share healthy recipes and fashion tips with my friends and family. Many of them asked me for a place for me to share my thoughts so I finally tried blogging on a whim ... I had no idea it would grow into what it has! [These days I mostly] share about my adventures in fashion, healthy living, and travel. I live with my husband in Connecticut, and in addition to blogging, work full-time as the marketing director for Nourish Snacks, a new healthy snack brand here in the US.

• How long did it take to grow your brand and your following?

At the beginning I went to every event, networked with as many people as possible, and was constantly reaching out to brands. The hustle in the first two years has paid off as I made a tonne of great contacts who have helped me to grow my following.

• What do you think is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt about yourself? What has been the biggest reward?

That I don’t need as much sleep as I thought I did! I work full-time and blog at night and on the weekends so it’s never-ending. Sometimes I have to stay up into crazy hours of the night just to get it all done!

• What’s your biggest advice to first-time bloggers out there?

Be your authentic self. When you start to copy other bloggers and emulate what they’re doing, it will show. People want to read your blog for your advice, your thoughts, and your ideas. Own them and be proud of what you have to say!

<p>Travel essentials</p>

Julia Dzafic, of lifestyle blog lemonstripes.com, shares about her top three travel essentials:

• 1. Clarisonic (skincare brush). “I have oily skin, which means that it’s important for me to keep a strict regimen so that I don’t break out. I bring my Clarisonic everywhere to clean out impurities, which is especially important after flying.”

• 2. Sneakers. “I always travel with sneakers so that I can work out on the fly. There is a gym in most hotels these days but I prefer to run near the water or hike a trail if the location permits.”

• 3. Sunscreen. Her favourite is Lancome Bienfait UV 50+. “I wear sunscreen on my face every day of the year to protect my skin from the sun and future wrinkles. This one is great because it’s light and I can put it on under make-up without looking too dewy.”