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Free concerts by talented twosome Last Call

Winning fans: Adrian Jones, left, and Tricray Astwood release a debut album next week (Photograph supplied)

Tricray Astwood and Adrian Jones have a lot to celebrate. Four months ago they started performing together as Last Call; an album of their work is due out next week. Their debut, Ten Thousand, blends contemporary Christian music, gospel, soul “and everything in between”. Tomorrow they begin a run of free concerts.

What does the album title, Ten Thousand, refer to?

We got the name from a scripture found in Deuteronomy 32:30. It speaks about one of us having the ability to chase 1,000, but two of us 10,000, so long as God is in it! This is the scripture we based our whole ministry on.

What’s the best/worst thing about working with a good friend?

The worst thing would probably be the different triggers that set us off. For example, Tricray gets very frustrated if things change and aren’t going as planned. He often has a speech about it and doesn’t hesitate to let everyone know how he feels. I have a low tolerance for anything “ignorant” and vent to Tricray about it. The best thing would have to be that we are 10,000 per cent (pun intended) there for each other. We know each other very well and want the best for our career. It’s a camaraderie that is second to none.

What’s the biggest audience you’ve performed before?

We once sang in South Africa together at a giant camp meeting. This was way before Last Call was even thought of, but it was an amazing experience.

What’s the one thing you never go onstage without?

First, we always pray before we go onstage. We cannot do what we do without the Holy Spirit. Another thing we don’t go onstage without is our LC (Last Call) gold chains. It’s our thing. Even if you don’t see them, they are there.

What would you be doing if you weren’t performing?

Tricray: If I wasn’t into music I’d probably go into politics and become the Premier of Bermuda. I’m dead serious.

Adrian: If I wasn’t into music I would have attempted to pursue a career in football. I love the sport that much!


Tricray: 29.

Adrian: 25.

How did the two of you meet?

We met about six years ago when we started to go to the same church. We really didn’t develop a close bond until 2015; that’s when we starting talking about Last Call. Everything happens in God’s timing and we are thankful for that.

You went to Hollywood. Did you see anyone famous/do anything out of the ordinary?

Our trip to Hollywood was amazing, to say the least. We spent just under a month there while we recorded the album.

We had the opportunity to go to the Grammy rehearsals, so saw a lot of artists there, and we got to go into the production truck where they mix for the TV feed.

We also went to the Stellar Awards, which celebrates gospel music. That was an awesome experience, for obvious reasons.

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Shawn Stockman, of Boys II Men. We actually recorded six songs in his studio. He gave us great advice on being in a group and about the music business in general.

Where do you go from here, musically?

Right now we are focusing on our island-wide tour, which kicks off [tomorrow] at St Paul AME. The concert starts at 6.30pm sharp. We will be doing a concert every Saturday night in May and the first Friday in June. All of the concerts are free but we will be taking a love offering, where part-proceeds will go to the music or youth ministry of the hosting church. Other dates:

• May 14: Restoration Ministries (Bermuda Institute), 7.30pm

• May 21: Radnor Road Christian Fellowship. 6.30pm

• May 28: Agape Faith Kingdom Ministries, 6.30pm

• June 3: Open Door Christian Assembly, 7.30pm

Greatest fear is….?

That we do not please God. So long as He is pleased, we have no fear.

CDs are $25 and are available at concerts and Music Box. Album is $9.99 on iTunes, pre-sale offers gets you four tracks immediately