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ResQwest contract: a correction

The Minister of Health, Kim Wilson. (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

A story headlined “ResQwest has penalty fee for early contract termination” on the royalgazette.com and “ResQwest paid penalty fee” in the print edition yesterday incorrectly stated that Government had paid a penalty fee to the company after cancelling its Covid-19 contract before its expiry date.

Kim Wilson, the health minister, confirmed in the House of Assembly on Friday that there was a penalty clause in the contract but did not state that it had been exercised.

In fact, the Bermuda Government has not exercised the termination clause and the contract is still in force as it also supports Covid-19 testing, which continues in limited cases, and vaccinations.

A government spokeswoman has also clarified that payments totalling $2 million in October were for four invoices dating back to June, 2022.

We apologise for the error.