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Premier leads tributes to ‘a beautiful soul’

Marco Warren who died in a hit-and-run incident last Sunday (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

MPs paid tribute to the late Marco Warren during a sometimes emotional session of the House of Assembly yesterday.

David Burt, the Premier, led the tributes to the football star, describing him as “a beautiful soul” and “a wonderful Bermudian”.

The Premier said that Mr Warren’s death had prompted widespread grief across the island and announced that the House of Assembly would send a letter of condolence to his family.

Mr Warren, 29, was killed after he was hit by a vehicle in Hamilton Parish while walking in the early hours of Sunday.

The Premier said: “Marco was a stellar athlete. He was also a stellar person. He was a father, he was a family man, he loved his community.

“Anyone that knew him knew how and the fact that he did put his family first.

“Certainly, as a father I cannot fathom what his parents are feeling during this incredible time of loss.

“The outpouring of grief has been wide and I want them to know that they are certainly in the thoughts of the members of this house and of the country.”

“There are people in this country who are hurting, who want closure to an unimaginable tragedy for an unquestionably beautiful soul – beautiful soul that has a child that isn’t even 1 that will never celebrate a birthday with his father.

“That’s what we must remember in this country and we have to ensure that we hold each other to account to ensure that we do not descend into a place where persons can kill persons, maim persons – not intentionally in this case – and not be held to account.

“We are speaking about a tragedy. And here we are five days later. Somebody knows what’s happened. Somebody knew they ran over somebody in the road. Somebody knows and the silence is disturbing.

“Just think about this. It could be your family member and you would want persons to speak up as well. I urge and remind persons that they can contribute anonymously.”

Earlier, Mr Burt warmly recalled the last time he had spoken to Mr Warren when he visited Paget Primary School, where he ran the after-school programme.

The Premier said: “I was about to leave. I did see him getting off his bike. I hadn’t seen him for a little bit. He told me that he had just become a father.

“I know that he was talking about how he could advance. He was seeking to enter the next round of fire service recruits.

“He was an amazingly talented Bermudian, a kind Bermudian, a soft-spoken Bermudian and a wonderful Bermudian.

“His loss is being felt.”

Echoing police appeals for people with information regarding the incident to come forward, Mr Burt added: Here we are five days later and somebody knows what happened. Somebody knew they ran over somebody in the road and the silence is disturbing.“

The House of Assembly is also sending letters of condolence to Pembroke Hamilton Club, the Bermuda Football Association and Paget Primary School.

Government backbencher Dennis Lister III, who is also the chairman of the Bermuda Road Safety Council, said: “Nothing I can say can bring comfort to the family. What if that was your family member? How would you feel?

“We must not also forget the road users in our community. We cannot police ourselves out of the problem. It takes community and accountability.”

Walter Roban, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, addressed the tragedy when he closed out the Motion to Adjourn

He said: “Many members have already passed their condolences on to the family of the young man who we are still waiting for answers as to how and why it happened.”

Before adjourning the session, Dennis Lister, the Speaker of the House, said: “We were devastated by the shocking news of the loss of a young man who, in his short time on the Earth has had a major impact, and it’s been felt by the comments and expressions of condolences to his family.”