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Prison sets up sanitisation stations

Timothy Seon, second from right, president of the Prison Officers Association (File photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Sanitisation stations have been set up at Westgate jail to help in the battle against Covid-19, the head of the Prison Officers Association said.Timothy Seon added that the Government had committed to the maintenance of items that will help inmates and staff to follow handwashing advice and keep the prison clean.He said: “There were concerns in regards to the longevity of being able to supply the equipment required in order to continue to work ... in regards to the hand sanitisers and the frequency of the supplies that could be provided in order to make a sterile environment.”Mr Seon added that the Government had promised the POA that the supply would be “consistent”.He explained last Friday: “The maintenance crew is working diligently to put the sanitiser dispensers all throughout the jail.“They should be done and have them all installed by the early part of next week.”Wayne Caines, the Minister of National Security, said last Thursday that prison visits had been cancelled and that a proposed plan for the prison system would be discussed with the POA.Mr Seon said that a presentation was given to staff the next day.He added that officers were “optimistic” and realised that a pandemic like the coronavirus was “new to everyone”.Mr Seon said: “At the moment, they have told us to treat everyone as if they’re potential carriers and for officers to be mindful of our sanitary routines and also be mindful of groupings and how we move outside.”