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Saving lives with video simulation game

Helping hands: the Bermuda Red Cross is offering a new way to learn CPR and First Aid

The Bermuda Red Cross is offering an exciting new way to learn CPR and First Aid with the introduction of a video simulation game that depicts real life emergency situations.

The game, which teaches the theory portion of the training, is set in a virtual village and participants are sent out on missions to help characters who are sick or injured.

There are three levels to the game and each time the player saves a person they gain stars and move on to the next level which is more difficult and complicated than the previous level.

Once the theory is complete, the participant can then proceed to the physical location of the classroom to complete the practical part of the CPR and/or First Aid course.

The charity has entered a training provider agreement so it is the only authorised organisation that can teach American Red Cross courses on the island.

Education manager at Bermuda Red Cross, Petra Spencer-Arscott, told The Royal Gazette: “This offering has come out of the new set of protocols as the Red Cross tries to move away from the traditional course manual and embrace the 21st century.

“Once you have done the theory online, you then get a certificate that says Proceed To Skill Session. When they get that they can call us and then they come in for the practical portion of the course.

“That is just one session of about three hours — we put them through every single conceivable process — they will go through CPR and it will be prompt only. There will be no lecture — a person hits the floor, what are you going to do? That is right down to have you got gloves on?

“Once we have put you through the practical, if you pass to our satisfaction then you get a final formal certificate that says you are fully certified in CPR, First Aid and AED [Automated External Defibrillator].

“It is especially going to be great for corporations or groups that have trained multiple times. For first-timers, they may prefer to take the theory with us rather than online.

“For people that have taken it several times it really will be advantageous because they can do the theory in their own time, there is no time limit and then do the physical part of it here in the office. It is having people being able to have that choice or do the full 8 hours. Young people have more time pressing things going on and they enjoy being on a computer. It is new for us. All of our instructors are going through the updates and go through the process too so we have been the guinea pigs. We have all really enjoyed it because it does cut down on that lecture series. It will also be great for corporate groups.

“You can do the theory at home, at work — whenever you have time. You can chop it up in small increments or do it all in one sitting. It should take about six hours to complete the entire theory and practical training.”

The blended online and practical training is $110 while the traditional non-blended training [practical only] is $155. Anyone interested in signing up for the course can contact the office 236-8253 or e-mail the training manager Claude Jean at training@bermudaredcross.com or education manager Ms Spencer-Arscott at education@bermudaredcross.com