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BHB bonuses revealed

Minister of Health and Seniors Jeanne Atherden

An array of bonuses paid by the Bermuda Hospitals Board has been revealed in the House of Assembly for the years 2015 and 2016.

The figures included a payout in 2015 of $571,311 to a radiologist, according to Jeanne Atherden, the Minister of Health and Seniors, who was replying to shadow minister Kim Wilson.

Three others received incentive payments of $80,206, $106,118 and $161,756 respectively, while in 2016 BHB paid $133,000, $161,720, $115,324 and $223,970. The monies went to “persons employed by, or as, a consultant”, as calculated by BHB’s human resources department, as part of overall pay.

“The radiologist has two forms of work,” Ms Atherden said.

“One is reading scans and the other is interpretive.”

The consultant does not order tests, she added, describing the arrangement as “an incentive for them to get on with their jobs”.

The combined salaries of base pay and incentive were in line with “what would be happening in other places”.