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Nurses graduate from asthma course

From left: Tracy Nash (Open Airways), Kedese McPherson, Tiffany DeSilva, Aashiqa Mehta-Smith, Alien Guilas, Debbie Barboza(Asthma and COPD Educator at KEMH)Missing from photo Trevor Bend (Photograph supplied)

Five nurses have just completed a demanding 6-month asthma diploma course. Tiffany DeSilva -KEMH Catlin-Lindo, Alien Guilas – KEMH IV team, Kedese McPherson – KEMH maternity, Aashiqa Mehta-Smith – KEMH Gosling and Trevor Bend – Department of Corrections.

The diploma course was made available in Bermuda through sponsorship from Open Airways (registered charity) and the Asthma and COPD Education Centre at KEMH.

The 6-month Education for Health, UK asthma diploma is recognised internationally and accredited by The Open University. The asthma module equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to confidently manage asthma in many settings and to make a positive impact on the quality of asthma care in Bermuda.

These new graduates join a diverse group of healthcare professionals who have completed the diploma, providing Bermuda with an excellent resource and improving asthma care throughout the community.

If you see any of the graduates, please congratulate them and ask them about asthma.

Press release from Open Airways