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Medical specialists unite to combat burnout

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Here to help: Eloïse Pitts Crick

An increase in stress and executive burnout because of the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked the development of a series of therapeutic services by a new consortium of medical specialists.Submerge, a programme introduced by Kindred, Solstice and Fountain Health, was set up to provide psychiatric and psychological help, including programmes tailored to individuals.Eloïse Pitts Crick, the executive director of mental health centre Solstice, said: “Since Covid, we have seen an increase in the severity of issues people are struggling with which have been exacerbated by financial insecurity, separation from loved ones and friends, anxiety about the illness and difficulties adjusting to the ‘new normal’.”The scheme offers assessment and treatment to executives with work-related burnout, stress, as well as help with addiction and mental health problems. Programmes include wellness checks, executive coaching, at-home detoxification, family therapies, weight-loss programmes and assessment and treatment of stress-related hormone dysfunction. Solstice and Kindred offered at-home detoxification services to 15 people over the coronavirus shelter-in-place lockdown, which highlighted clients’ willingness to try something different in their treatment plans. Dr Pitts Crick said: “Our traditional ways of treating people in offices and hospitals were challenged by the pandemic.“We were able to adapt quickly and successfully to telemedicine and home-based treatments and we realised that this option could be extended further to our corporate wellness packages and also to medical tourism.“At Solstice, one of the challenges that we see with our corporate sector clients is their time constraints.“Especially with top executives, there is often a sense of urgency to achieve, or return to, peak performance levels.“These factors can make weekly therapy sessions unattractive and there is a preference for intensive, shorter duration treatments with rapid results.” Treatment is carried out in luxury accommodation across Bermuda and clients have access to a range of spa and sports activities throughout their stay, such as climbing and surf therapy.Submerge said the treatments were integrated into their care packages to ensure the best results.Grant Farquhar, a consultant psychiatrist at medical practice Kindred, said: “Some of our clients feel more comfortable going through this process on their own, whereas others may want to bring family members.Dr Farquhar added: “Often, involving loved ones in the therapeutic process is beneficial especially if treatment for issues such as occupational burnout involve decision making that affects the whole family.”Annabel Fountain, of endocrinology and diabetes medicine specialist practice Fountain Health, said she supported good health and disease prevention through nutrition and lifestyle before she resorted to medication.Dr Fountain added that she worked to help people and their families “to make decisions that empower health, minimise use of medications and improve outcomes”. She said: “It is a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses mental and physical health concerns and solution.”Kelly Madeiros, the owner, director and clinical social worker at Solstice, added: “The confidential service leverages the talents of experienced professionals to assess and guide clients, collaboratively creating customised treatment options. “Treatments are usually offered in 30, 60 and 90-day packages to enable our clients to make lasting changes.“There is also a three-day package option for those executives who just need a brief respite or who are visiting the island for board meetings.”Ms Madeiros said: “Bermuda is an idyllic place for people to be able to access wellness services while finding that balance of work and life.“Given the beauty and resources in Bermuda, Submerge is a medical tourism product that is long overdue.”

Here to help: Grant Farquhar
Here to help: Annabel Fountain