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Premier: get tested, get vaccinated

David Burt The Premier has urged people to get tested and vaccinated (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

The Premier last night urged people to get tested and to get vaccinated.

In his national address, David Burt said simply: “Get tested!”

He added: “Testing is easily accessible to anyone who wants or needs it. There is no wait for testing in Bermuda. If you are able to go to work, we recommend that you get tested to protect your family and to protect your co-workers.

“Testing is no longer uncomfortable or intrusive. Saliva testing is available five days a week and is a quick and painless alternative to help us to end restrictions.”

He told employers: “Ensure that your workplace is safe by encouraging staff to be tested.”

“The contagious nature of the UK variant makes it likely that a single case could close your business down for 14 days due to quarantine.”

For those who have not been vaccinated, the Premier said: “Speak to your doctor to discuss if it is right for you. If it is, register and get vaccinated. The more residents that are vaccinated, the better the protection for our community against ongoing local transmission.”

And to those who do not support vaccinations, the Premier said: “You also have an important role to play as well. Obey the public health guidelines to ensure that you are not contributing to the spread, get tested on a regular basis, and do what you can to boost your own immune system.

“We cannot end the restrictions unless we end local transmission. Vaccinations will help us do that, but it is just as important that those who chose not to get vaccinated do their part by following the guidelines.”