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Island still leads world on Covid-19 cases per head basis

Bermuda continues to lead the world on coronavirus cases per head, two tracking sites have shown.

Worldometer.com’s coronavirus website showed Bermuda had the world’s highest number of active cases per head over the last seven days with 16,323 cases per million.

TheNew York Times global coronavirus tracker showed Bermuda also topped the global chart with an average of 226 new cases per 100,000 people over the previous 14 days.

Worldometer.com said the island also had the eighth highest percentage increase in cases over the previous seven days with a 143 per cent rise.

Bermuda was sixth in the world on a per head basis of 113 deaths per million people after Worldometer.com logged seven deaths in the previous seven days.

The island also led the world for an increase in deaths – a 600 per cent jump – after fatalities rose from one in the previous seven-day period to seven in the last seven days.

The New York Times reported that Bermuda had the highest number of new daily cases in the last 14 days with 226 per 100,000.

The figure was a 396 per cent increase on the previous 14 days, the third highest percentage change in the world.

The island was also third in the world for average daily deaths per 100,000 people with an average of 1.56 deaths a day over the previous seven days.

Grenada topped that list with 3.36 deaths a day per 100,000 people, but had a much lower vaccination rate – just 17 per cent compared to Bermuda’s 66 per cent.

But Bermuda’s own statistics showed that the majority of Covid-19 infections and hospital cases were people who were unvaccinated.

But caution should be used with global tables since data collection methods can vary from country.

Worldometer had Bermuda’s population at 61,998 but Bermuda used 64,500, which would give a slightly lower per head number.