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Business travellers would get fast-tracked Covid tests

LF Wade International Airport (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

Fast-tracked coronavirus tests are planned for incoming travellers – especially people on business – to get cleared quickly on arrival.

Kim Wilson, the health minister, said talks on the move were ongoing with the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. She said the speed test would come at a cost.

She could not give a timeline for when the option would be introduced, but said it would not include the rapid antigen test for the virus.

“The gold standard for entering our borders is having the PCR test,” Ms Wilson said, referring to the nasal swab that is to remain in place for arriving travellers.

She said the Government was examining “having a facility where persons, particularly the business traveller that wants to come here and do 24 hours, to have the ability to take the PCR and that would be fast-tracked”.

“That way they can get on their way and engage in the business they came to Bermuda for.”