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Miss Bermuda contestant overcomes shyness

(Photo by Donovin Seymour; Hair & Nails by Impressions Hair & Nail Artistry; Makeup by O’Faces)Stepfather motivated me: Brittany Madeiros, 18, one of six women to compete for pageant

Brittany Madeiros used to marvel at the girls who’d step on stage to compete in beauty contests.

The 18-year-old imagined she was too shy to do anything that courageous herself, then her stepfather encouraged her to take the leap.

Now she’s slated to be one of six young women competing for the title of Miss Bermuda 2015 on July 5.

“My biggest motivator in helping me get to this point was my stepfather,” she said.

“He has been a wonderful role model in my life, always pushing me to be the best that I can be to realise my potential within.

“He believes in me, no matter what I do, and if it weren’t for him I probably would have never considered this competition as something possible for me.”

Miss Madeiros believes the pageant can help her overcome some of her insecurities and take her confidence to the next level.

She’s already learned a lot about herself from the process.

“So far I’ve learned how little I really know about what is important in the world outside of my ‘bubble’,” the Saltus Grammar School student said. “By considering the broader current affairs of Bermuda, and the world, it’s apparent that there’s a whole lot more that I need to know about what makes things tick. Initially I was taken aback, but as I talk through more and more issues, I think I’m taking things on board that I otherwise would have been oblivious to for at least the next few years.”

She’s also learned how to conduct a good interview, manage her money and model in front of a camera.

“The biggest challenge so far in the pageant has been showing myself off,” she said.

“With my natural quietness, I have to constantly remind myself to step out of my shell.”

Miss Madeiros has always excelled in the arts.

She grew up performing with Jackson’s School of Dance and is working towards her professional dance qualifications through Somerset School of Dance.

Drama is another one of her passions.

Her dream is to one day work as an entertainer for Disney on a cruise ship or in a theme park.

“I love standing on stage and entertaining others, which hopefully will be apparent when we get to share our intelligence and talent on the night of the pageant,” she said.

The teenager feels this contest isn’t just about finding someone with good looks.

The next Miss Bermuda should also be smart and embody the “Bermudian spirit for the rest of the world to see”, she said.

“I am looking to gain confidence in myself, and learn life experiences that school cannot teach me throughout the pageant activities.”

Tickets, $65 and up, for the pageant finale at Fairmont Southampton are available at Fabulous Fashions in Heron Bay Plaza; Pulp & Circumstance in the Washington Lane and online at www.bdatix.bm.

*Lifestyle will profile all six contestants before the July 5 competition.