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Bradshaw steps out of her comfort zone

Centre stage: Contestant Tamara Bradshaw says she has been challenged by the pageant process

Tamara Bradshaw is typically the one found behind the scenes coordinating fashion shows and other events for the City of Hamilton.

But this summer the 24-year-old will take centre stage for the Miss Bermuda Pageant 2015.

She signed up for the competition in a bid to challenge herself to step outside her comfort zone.

So far: mission accomplished.

“The pageant process has been both interesting and challenging,” she said. “It has challenged me to think both inside and outside of myself.

“Doing things that I wouldn’t normally do has helped me both personally as well as in my preparations for the pageant.

“I’ve learned a lot about little habits I have, like smiling with my tongue and bouncing when I walk and how to correct them.

“Then there are the big things like my new-found fear of speaking and presenting in front of a big crowd — another thing I am learning to conquer as the days progress.”

Miss Bradshaw has also learned more about her personal strengths such as networking and completing every task to the best of her ability.

She believes the pageant brings young women together for something positive. It also brings greater international awareness to the Island, she said.

“I’m hoping to gain new friendships as well as confidence within myself and, in my opinion, I already have. This competition has helped me gain more assurance in myself and my talents. I hope to grow and to learn from my experiences in this pageant and to apply them to my everyday life.”

Miss Bradshaw feels she’s accomplished quite a lot as the City’s event coordinator.

She is also very proud of some of her personal accomplishments — she’s a dancer, runs a fashion blog and completed the Appleby Bermuda Half Marathon Derby last year.

The latter took her seven months of training. She suffered an injury three weeks before the race but still managed to cross the finish line.

So what’s left for her to tick off her bucket list? Travelling the world, so she can learn about different cultures and see all the many beautiful sights.

• You can watch her compete for the title of Miss Bermuda at the finale on July 5. Tickets are available at www.bdatix.bm.