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Bermudians get London training with Kennedys

London opportunity: Bermudian trainee solicitors Katherine Freisenbruch and Alex Cooper, right, pictured with Mark Chudleigh, managing partner of Kennedys Bermuda (Photograph supplied)

Two young Bermudians have launched their legal careers as trainee solicitors with the London office of the international law firm, Kennedys.

Katherine Freisenbruch and Alex Cooper will spend two years learning the practical aspects of the profession during four “seats” in different practice areas within the firm before “graduating” as solicitors in September 2020.

They are likely to be the first of several Bermudians to receive training at Kennedys, with the international firm having invited Bermudian law students to apply for London-based training contracts starting September 2019 and September 2020.

For those Bermudians pursuing US legal qualifications, Kennedys is also welcoming applications for newly qualified Bermudian lawyers to join one of their offices in the US, including locations in New York, New Jersey, Miami and Chicago.

Kennedys joined forces with a team of Bermudian-based lawyers last year — including partners Mark Chudleigh, Alex Potts QC and Nick Miles — who as Kennedys Chudleigh Ltd are now part of Kennedys’ international network of 37 offices in 22 countries.

Mr Chudleigh, managing partner of Kennedys Bermuda, said the firm’s ability to offer first-class training for prospective Bermudian lawyers in London and other major financial centres was an attraction.

“While many Bermuda law firms, including ourselves, offer training to Bermudians looking to complete their pupillage, as the compulsory legal apprenticeship is known in Bermuda, it is difficult to match the level, sophistication and depth of training that is available in the large offices of London law firms as well as in leading barristers chambers,” he said.

“Alex, Nick and I were all trained in London, and worked there for a number of years before coming to Bermuda to continue our practices.

“I think many Bermudian law students, particularly those looking to develop careers in commercial or corporate law, recognise that a period of working in London provides an invaluable start to working in the profession, whether their long-term plan is to return to Bermuda or to pursue a practice overseas.”

Nick Williams, a Kennedys partner based in London who leads Kennedys’ global insurance practice, said Kennedys welcomed Bermudian training recruits. “Bermuda is a major insurance centre and we have many friends there,” Mr Williams said.

“As a community, Bermuda is focused on the insurance and financial services industries in a way that doesn’t exist elsewhere and produces many high quality candidates looking to pursue a career in commercial law.

“Now that Kennedys has a presence in Bermuda, we are well placed to tap into the available talent and at the same time we can demonstrate Kennedys’ commitment to Bermuda and the Bermuda insurance market.”