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How did it come to this?

August 8, 2011 Dear Sir, I met my beautiful wife 'Judes' some thirty-two years ago here in Bermuda at the 'Cock and Feather' (now the 'Pickled Onion'). It was a Friday evening — I worked for my brothers' T-shirt business back then and we were conducting one of our weekly 'business meetings' (the pinball loser paid for dinner). My 'bride to be' was on holiday with her mother and we had an all too brief encounter, but I must have made a good impression. Upon her return to the States she wrote me a letter. She didn't have an address or even remember my name — in fact the only information she had was the name of the T-shirt company as it was emblazoned across the backs of our very cool jackets. Hence she addressed the letter as follows TRIANGLE IMPORTS BERMUDA That's right, you guessed it — a couple of weeks later that letter showed up in our company's mailbox and the rest, as they say, is history. What is so sad (in fact, can I say insane?) is that here we are all these years later, with a Postal Service that will actually go to great lengths to return a letter, even when they know exactly who the intended recipient is! I ask you Mr. Editor — how could we have gotten something so simple, so wrong? JAMES TUCKER Page