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The Bermudian way

September 2, 2011Dear Sir,I recall at the advent of Cable’s Weather Channel ie real-time reportage, my late father, one of Bermuda’s premier weather observers, telling me with a smile that meteorologists “get their jollies” at impending hurricanes. In more recent times, TV news reporters have taken this to fever pitch.A prime example was the build-up to Hurricane Irene. Indeed it was slightly amusing to hear the response of Mayor Bloomberg of New York at a press conference to a reporter asking if people would defy the evacuation order to low-lying areas. “It’s not the New York way”, he shot back.I recall too former Premier Brown responding likewise to an American reporter pre Igor the projected “monster” hurricane.So now we have Hurricane Katia looming down south, and tonight’s TV AccuWeather report has the Stateside person advising us not to panic and that it’s too early to consider evacuation. Uhh, hello! This is Bermuda!Someone needs to set AccuWeather straight. Their reporting is not the Bermudian Way!PAMELA H WILLCOCKSSmith’s