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Why home school?

September 8, 2011Dear Sir,In response to the letter concerning home schools dated August 22, my first concern would be where the writer attended school. The opening remark was not a complete sentence. Were they educated in the public or private sector?When children enter a home school, it is usually because the public and private schools have failed them in some way. Most often the students are not testing at their grade level. A diagnostic test is given to each child entering a reputable home school by an accredited, internationally recognised institution, the most common being The Lighthouse Christian Academy. The student is then placed in the curriculum based on the results of that test, and in most cases, their Math and English are two to three years behind. The home school curriculum allows these students to continue their education at these varying levels with a passing grade of 80 percent being required on each pace test. Failure to achieve this mastering level grade, results in that pace having to be repeated before the student can progress to the next pace. Often students entering a home school are not used to being tested so often and have not learned good study habits.Parents must understand that this curriculum is designed to be a self-motivated, self-disciplined, and self-teaching one. Doctors of education write the teaching degree into the curriculum. We are the facilitors and are there to provide a safe environment, answer questions, help students meet daily goals, and to act as an intermediate between the academic advisors of the institution and student. Each student is appointed an academic advisor by the institution and the facilitator is there to ensure the standards of the institution are met. Unfortunately, parents use home schooling as a last resort when all else has failed. If the student has already developed an attitude of failure, complacency with schoolwork, or is just used to being passed through without consequence, they usually are not successful in this type of learning environment.As far as PE, the students are required to complete two hours of physical activity per week. This is monitored by parents and is met through soccer, cricket, karate, dance, tennis, or however the parent wishes.It must be understood that any educational system requires the support and involvement of parents, without which, the best system will fail.For the record, I have enjoyed more successes than failures in the 13 years of facilitating this curriculum. My own children are almost two years ahead of their peers and one will graduate in 2012 at the age of 17.I can understand that a parent can have questions about their experience with a particular facilitator, but it is unfair to categorise all home schools the same. There are some of us who take this calling very serious and have dedicated our lives to helping other people’s children achieve success. It is vital that any parent looking to have their child home schooled should diligently consider and investigate all questions concerning this type of learning.HOME SCHOOL FACILITATORSomerset