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Praise for traffic warden

This was sent to the Bermuda Police and copied to The Royal GazetteOctober 26, 2011 Dear Sir, I would like to commend a member of your staff whom I believe to be Ms Donnette Daniels one of the Hamilton traffic ladies. Please allow me to recount my experience. A couple of weeks ago I had business in the lower post office on Parliament Street. After parking, I noticed I did not have any valid parking vouchers available. As fate would have it Ms Daniels was directly across the street from me. I figured I would only be a couple of minutes and fearing the worst decided to beg her understanding. So I called out to her explaining my plight, she explained that I needed a voucher displayed to park. Taking another try I asked for favour explaining I would only be two minutes or so but she again politely said that she had a job to do and once offering one favour would mean she would be looking to offer everyone a favour. OK, point to Ms Daniels, I thought. She did advise me that I could purchase vouchers in the upper post office which I went to do as it was clear she was not going to relent in my case. I have to say I was impressed by her professional manner and how serious she took her duties. Above all else I was impressed by her polite, helpful and courteous manner as it is by far the best experience I have had with any of the ticket ladies to date who at times are curt, abrasive and sometimes plain rude. I trust you will pass on my regards and encouragement to Ms Daniels to keep up the good work.


A traffic warden hands out a ticket. File picture.