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Set a better example

October 25, 2011 Dear Sir, With such a strong vocal lobby for the legalising or decriminalising of marijuana, I feel compelled to express my disagreement. It is most unfortunate that there is such a lust for this plant material for the purpose of smoking and the stated enjoyment and the relaxation and recreational use of this drug. The most vocal support for its use seems to be men who are prepared to go extreme lengths to further their position when it relates to smoking marijuana. They simply dismiss any negatives associated with its use and throw to the wind the bad examples being set for their children, especially sosns. Would to God they displayed the same passion for better choices in life for themselves and all the young people watching them. Liquor and strong drink are legal, that’s the way it is and this writer carries no brief for the use of any mind-altering substance. If we legalise or decriminalise marijuana, it will be the thin edge of the wedge to who knows what? To object is to subject ourselves with the vilest barrage of profanity or worse, violence. To the readers, please, for the sake of our children, don’t lend your support to this unworthy endeavour to relax our laws concerning this drug. This, I believe, would certainly be another nail in the coffin of this community’s soul as it pertains to values, morality and possible addiction as a gateway drug.

HIGHER GROUND! Southampton