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Questions for Louise Jackson

February 1, 2012 Dear Sir, I see Louise Jackson announced today that she will be retiring from Parliament and not running in the next general election. I am not sad to see her go. She presents herself as this advocate for Bermuda’s seniors and their concerns. Where was all this concern for the seniors prior to the 2003 general election? Before that election I only remembered her as the lady that ran the Jackson School of Dance. Why didn’t she harass the United Bermuda Party when they let all of the Government seniors’ homes become so run down and decrepit that when the Progressive Labour Party won power in 1998 most of them had to be closed down and in the case of the St George’s home had to be demolished. She goes on and on about the state of Bermuda’s pension schemes. Well Mrs Jackson, that bunch that you hung out with only put our pension scheme in place in the year 1968, almost 50 years after the UK’s pension system in 1919. If they always held that bunch over there in such high regard, why did it take them 50 years to follow suit? And they only put Bermuda’s pension system in place after the constant pressure of the PLP and the Bermuda Industrial Union. Without them, we probably still wouldn’t have a pension system in place in this the year of 2012. So anyone born before 1950 would not be fully paid up in the system. Yet these same fellahs started collecting a war pension in 1947 which should have included a lot more Bermudians, mostly black Bermudians too, I might add. So for about 60 years her friends and colleagues and their widows collected a pension that should have included hundreds of their fellow Bermudian’s whilst denying others what was rightfully theirs. Well, Mrs Jackson, talk about calling the tea kettle black. What that party of yours did to Bermuda’s people should be taken to the UN and reported as crimes against humanity. And don’t tell me nothing about that was the past. So was the Jewish Holocaust and Moses and Pharoah. But I guess their past is okay to revisit time and time again. There where more black African slaves killed in their holocaust. And their lives count for just as much. And those problems which I just spoke of came after their problems and in my lifetime. So I ask you, Mrs Jackson, be careful of the company you keep.