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Lost touch with reality

February 21, 2012 Dear Sir, Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards is correct in his statement that 'this is the fourth consecutive report that has not received a clean audit from the Auditor General, meaning that there remain serious questions about the integrity of the numbers', and calling the situation disgraceful. The United Bermuda Party lost the 1998 election because it lost touch with the people, but the PLP Government has not only lost touch with the people, it has lost touch with reality. How can anyone with an ounce of common sense not see that this Government is taking us to hell with their incompetence? And as it has been stated before, if they were in the private sector, they would have been fired after the three-month probation period was up but no, because of pure, simple ignorance, they have been kept in power, because, 'they look like me'! I don't care if you look like me or not, if you can't do the job you should be dismissed and that's that. We need a change of Government and we need it fast. If the PLP is voted in again, then all is lost. This Government is broke, it has spent all of our money and they are scratching where they don't have an itch and we are paying for it. It is in panic mode and doesn't know where to turn next to get it and Bermuda out of this mess that they have put us in consequently they come up with these harebrained ideas. Shadow Minister Bob Richards added that the Auditor General's report called into question the Government's credibility and ability to manage the country's finances. Now what further proof does one need other than a Royal Commission of Inquiry to prove credibility, integrity, corruption (?) and all the rest of it? I know the people who should be reading this won't, but maybe, just maybe, someone who does read it and understands what I am trying to say will explain it to someone who doesn't. I would like to personally thank the Auditor General, Mrs Heather Jacobs-Matthews and Shadow Minister Bob Richards, for bringing all of this vital information to the public because otherwise, we would not know the disgraceful financial position the PLP Government has put Bermuda in. Keep up the good work. Bermuda needs you!