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He built their trust

21 December 2012 Dear Sir Back in the 70s Dr John Stubbs was a UBP candidate for one of the Paget East seats (Sir John Swan being the other UBP candidate for that constituency). A young man who was still at school approached Dr Stubbs offering his services to their campaign. Dr Stubbs was impressed by this young man’s enthusiasm and on occasion took him along with him when he was out canvassing. On election day the young man acted as a “runner”, that is he travelled back and forth between the poll and the election campaign headquarters with the list of people who had voted. The years went by and the young man could be seen driving tourists around or driving brides and grooms to and from their weddings in a horse and carriage. He was willing to work hard and work long hours and over the years he started up a number of successful businesses. In 2007 he was made campaign manager for the UBP in that year’s general election. Later he put himself forward to serve as a Common Councillor on the Hamilton City Corporation and in due course was appointed Deputy Mayor . He’d always been a backroom boy but when the OBA was formed he put himself forward as a prospective candidate. He was chosen to represent one of the Devonshire constituencies and the rest is history. How did he manage to unseat the Premier/Finance Minister against all the odds? He achieved it by following the behaviour and plan he had adopted as a young student still at school by being willing to put in the hard work and long hours necessary to succeed. He spent time with his Devonshire constituents not just to get their votes but to get to know them and understand their concerns and difficulties and they trusted him to do his best for them and I am sure he will.


Dr Stubbs