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Sick and tired of the race excuse

April 28, 2013 Dear Sir, I am 23 years old, and I am sick and tired of reading about race being at the bottom of mostly every issue in Bermuda. It is the year 2013, this is still coming up as an excuse. Why do we continue to live in the past? Yes, it was a hard time and those who were beacons of light in those days will be remembered and honoured for their bravery and courage. But how dare the majority of people in today’s world complain of slavery’s occurrence and at the same time continue to have that disgusting mentality that we as humans are not equal. Yesterday, I was approached by an older Caucasian woman who said she “feels sorry” for mixed-race kids growing up in today’s society where they will be rejected from both sides because whites and blacks shouldn’t conceive. I told her that I have a mixed-race godson and that I completely disagree with her statement. Then an older black woman felt the need to add on stating that black men shouldn’t be with white women. She then stated that people should stick with their own “kind”……really? You look at a child’s face and this is the first thing that comes to your mind? I am sick and tired of both sides pointing the finger at each other. Whenever a situation occurs (whether positive or negative regardless of who is involved) the first thing that is commented on is the race of the person in question. Why is this even a deciding factor? The amount of energy that is wasted on racial profiling could be used to bring us closer together as a community as apposed to widening the cracks. I will not leave my godson with the examples that I have seen over the past 23 years of my life. So the next time we want to deal with a situation; let’s do just that. “The past is the past for a reason, don’t live within it and then wonder why your surroundings never change.”

GODPA Devonshire