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Control speeders with reverse psychology

March 25, 2014

Dear Sir,

It would appear from recent letters you have published that bad driving practices are again the flavour of the month. There is nothing more infuriating for law abiding motorists than to constantly deal with motorists who repeatedly break the law on a daily basis. The police are never around and we are still waiting for the next best solution, cameras.

Speeding could be controlled quite easily by drivers themselves using reverse psychology. When you are passed or approached by a speeding vehicle, do what most Bermudians do all the time and flash your headlights to warn of a police presence. If everybody did this to every speeding vehicle, the speeder would have no idea who is being truthful and may even decide to slow down.

Straddling the centre line is done by idiots who can’t drive and should not be allowed on the road in the first place. Instead of wasting time and money repainting centre lines, adopt a system used on roads overseas and install permanent white or yellow narrow corrugated strips. When vehicles stray into oncoming traffic, the wheels would vibrate sufficiently to get the drivers attention and remind them how stupid they are. At the very least we get a straight line.

Driving through red lights is just incredibly dangerous and probably the easiest violation to fix by attaching electronic devices to all traffic light poles. This device would activate the micro chips already on windscreens and could be extended to motorbikes. When vehicles run red lights, they get pinged and a ticket in the mail. Three tickets and they’re off the road.