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Same-sex marriage – it’s God’s wish

Gay marriage: “The OBA the PLP and Bermuda as a whole must stand firm on this issue”

Dear Sir,

I read in The Royal Gazette on April 18, 2015 of the disappointment of the same-sex couple and the letter forwarded. The law is the law and the Marriage Act is in effect and cannot be changed because of the opinion of some or chairman of Human Rights or anyone else.

Marriage is an institution created by God explicitly for males and females.

To support same-sex coming together in holy matrimony is an affront or abomination against God and all bible believers.

The question should not be sexual orientation but rather sexual origination.

For years those who have fallen into this lifestyle have known it to be wrong and against nature but now they want everyone to agree with it.

It is the law and we must abide by it and those who desire to indulge in same-sex marriage on the cruise ship or otherwise can do it wherever the law permits in other countries.

The OBA the PLP and Bermuda as a whole must stand firm on this issue. Our people and our children must not be involved in this unfortunate environment.

OBA, you are the governing power, remember you are not elected to please some of the people; you are there to uphold the dignity of our people and our Island. This is not just about discrimination.

Persons who fall into this category really need help.

I would suggest for those concerned to get a bible and read Genesis 1: 26 – 28 which reveals God’s purpose for the creation of males and females. Romans 1: 21 – 28 indicates that such persons practising this lifestyle have a reprobate mind.