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Kite noise unbearable

Kite flying might be a Bermuda tradition, particulalry over the Easter holiday, but the noise can be irritating

Dear Sir,

I live in Hamilton Parish, an idyllic spot for sure, and you would think I am very happy. But this afternoon I find myself retreating indoors rather than sitting out with the pleasant gentle wash of sea on the rocks — all because someone is flying a kite that whines and drones like a car racing around the Grand Prix tracks.

It is far enough away that I cannot even see the kite, just hear the perpetual noise like a particularly obnoxious spell of tinnitus.

This is not the first time. In fact, it is now a regular occurrence though usually at weekends. I tried to track it down one day and walked almost a mile, the sound getting louder and louder but still I could not reach the source.

It must, I am certain, be horrendous for those people living beneath the flying kite.

So I have looked at how I can make a complaint and find that people have done so about other instances in the past but for the most part the official responses are ineffective — police lightly staffed, busy bank holiday, etc.

Yes, of course, they have more serious things to deal with but there is a law about noise nuisance on Bermuda and in my opinion it is being broken right now, and all those other Sunday afternoons.

Noisy kites are, I am sure, acceptable on a public holiday that is known for flying kites, but surely it is not reasonable to subject half of Hamilton Parish to this sound every week?