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Warwick’s overgrown trees need to be trimmed

Dear Sir,

It is my understanding that Government, ie, Works & Engineering and Agriculture & Fisheries (I’m not sure whether or not they fall under the same umbrella), are no longer responsible for the trimming of overgrown trees and hedges in certain areas.

As a result, the overgrowth throughout Spice Hill Road in Warwick is protruding dangerously into the road.

This poses so many different problems but with the aforementioned entities no longer taking care of that, or perhaps they are and are not being advised, it is now the responsibility of property owners in their respective areas.

Should that be the case, I am appealing to all of those people to please take the initiative, either by doing it yourself or hiring one of the landscaping businesses to cut back and regularly maintain these trees and hedges.

You drive through Spice Hill Road every day to access your respective properties so the dangers affect you as well.

It is not only dangerous for vehicular traffic, but also for pedestrians.

I implore each person to please consider doing this as a matter of urgency or, if it is still the responsibility of the aforementioned departments, please seek to take care of this matter before we regret the inevitable. Recently, and this has happened more than once, an emergency vehicle has been driving through heading west, thankfully using their horn, and my family and I have held our breath for the person travelling in the opposite direction.

The road is very narrow and the overgrowth lessens its width, making it very difficult for two private vehicles to safely pass, let alone larger vehicles such as those of the emergency services and trash trucks.

Also, there are those who travel along this road who fail to use their horns, which is common courtesy, to make people aware they are coming.

We sometimes tend to wait until something horrible happens before we act; please be proactive as it could possibly save someone’s life.

Angela RB Browne