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Seniors should be treated with dignity

Ministers should annul an increase in Future Care payments, a reader says

Dear Sir,

There should be a protest march against this new piece of legislation that came at us seniors like a rocket out of the blue.

How in the name of so-called compassion could a complete legislative body even, by a long shot, pass a draconian law that would no doubt impact mostly on the cash-strapped seniors of this country?

All of you, from the Minister of Finance to the Minister of Health who sit within those hallowed walls of the Bermuda House of Parliament should stand in shame because of this rushed piece of legislation which increases the Future Care payments by $54.21. You should all do the right and noble thing, and annul this increase.

If a senior goes to Financial Assistance and if he/she has a savings over the allotted $5,000, they are denied assistance even though their meagre savings are being depleted because of the lack of a steady income.

All Bermudian seniors should be treated with dignity.