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Prices at Crystal Caves are too high

Dear Sir,

My daughter-in-law and two friends - all Bermuda residents - took the children to Crystal Caves yesterday (August 17) for a treat. Well, it turned out to be an expensive treat.

Three adults at $22 each, two young children aged 6 and under at $10 each and a one-year-old at $5 - $91 in total. Really!!

I really think those prices are quite high. The one-year-old should have been free. Let’s be real; the caves are very beautiful, but who wants to pay that much to see them. And to add insult to injury they didn’t get to see the Fantasy Cave, as that was an additional cost.

What are we telling our visitors? Come to Bermuda to be ripped off with the high prices? And don’t tell me it is all part of the Bermuda experience. I don’t even know how families can afford to come here to visit.

Millions of dollars have been made on the caves over the years. After all, we do try to promote our Island, but who wants to with prices such as these. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that our tourism heyday has come and gone.


Stunning attraction: In this file photograph, a floating pontoon pathways spans a large 55ft deep azure blue underground lake inside Crystal Caves. The caves are one of Bermuda's most beautiful features - yet they come at a cost, as one letter-writer discovered (File photograph)